Are There Certain Parts of the Country Where it's Easier to Find a Job as a Compositing Artist A compositing artist is involved in the process of combining different visual elements from various sources into single images in a film or video. The ultimate goal of the compositing process is the creation of an illusion that all of the elements are part of the same single scene. A compositing artist is an individual involved in a production responsible for combining these disparate images from different sources into one scene in a seamless manner. If you are interested in pursuing this type of occupation, you may want to know whether there are certain locations in the United States in which it is easier to obtain a job as a compositing artist. The reality is that compositing artists are in greater demand in some locations in the country as opposed to others.


Overall, California is the state in which compositing artists are in greatest demand at this juncture in time. Approximately 17 million people are employed in California. Overall, median salaries in all areas are above the national average in California, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . This includes the media salary for compositing artists. According to the Animation Career Review . salary for compositing artists in California is well above the national average at about $82,000,

Television and film industries have a massive presence in the state of California. With that in mind, so do many video game creators. These enterprises rely on compositing artists significantly. Some of the major companies that make extensive use of the skills and talents of compositing artists in California include:

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Pixar
  • DreamWorks Animation
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Warner Brothers
  • Playstation
  • Riot Games
  • Maple Media

New York

New York is in second place when it comes to locations where it is easiest to find a job as a compositing artist. New York is a hot market for people interested in this as a significant number of entertainment production companies operate in the state. Television and film production is particularly prevalent in the state of New York. As mentioned previously, California leads the pack when it comes to compensation paid to compositing artists. With that said, the average salary for compositing artists in New York is above $70,000.

Other Top States for Compositing Artists

The cities on the coasts, oftentimes considered the entertainment capitals of the United States, are not the only locales in the nation in which compositing artists can successfully find positions of employment. There are some other states in the country in which the demand for compositing artists is significant. The states with the most vibrant employment scenes of compositing artists are listed, with average salaries:

  • California – $82,000
  • Washington – $75,000
  • Massachusetts – $73,000
  • New York – $70,000
  • Idaho – $69,000
  • District of Columbia – $69,000
  • Illinois – $69,000
  • Alabama – $67,000
  • Maryland – $65,000
  • New Jersey – $64,000

With the ongoing widespread use of animation and various other digital technologies, the demand for talented compositing artists is expected to continue to grow into the future. Also, while California and New York are expected to remain major centers of activity when it comes to the work of a compositing artist, the job market in other locales is expected to expand as well.

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