Are There Online Libraries Where I Can Get Sound Effects For Free to Use in My Homemade Clips?

If you have been making videos for a while, you may reach a point where your expertise exceeds your resources. For instance, the vast majority of homemade video creators use everyday devices to record their projects. These include things like smartphone or cellphone cameras, and the amount of editing that they do is either very low or non-existent.

Once you decide to take your passion to the next level, however, you may need to look into adding some tools for your projects. Outside of the typical hardware upgrades, which include things like professional cameras, you should look into some entry-level software. For example, starting to make some minor edits to your homemade videos via resources like iMovie might be enough to learn the basics. After you master those programs, you can slowly transition to more complex platforms.

Out of all the things that you should consider incorporating into your creative process, however, there is something that should come first – sound effects. While it may seem like a relatively simple change, which it is, sounds can effortlessly take an entire project to the next level. The problem, however, is the fact that most of the popular or good sound effects are copyrighted by their creators. Using them, which will be explained in more detail shortly, is not allowed. So, what can you do when you need to find a free sound that will go well with your video?

A Simple Sound Effect Can Go a Long Way

Before you enter the limitless world of sound effects, you should try to limit yourself to no more than a few simple effects. According to Forbes , the number of movies that have extremely loud sound effects is surprisingly high. This can lead to some very negative consequences as your viewers will get distracted by the background noise and lose focus on the primary action. Try to guide yourself by the popular quote “less is more” whenever you are looking for a sound effect.

Beware of Copyrights

As said, one of the greatest challenges when it comes to implementing sounds relates to copyrights. According to the government’s definition, copyrights forbid non-authors from using someone’s work without receiving proper approval . In most cases, you get this approval by paying a certain fee in exchange for the right to implement someone’s sound for a certain period. Sadly, those who want to put sounds into their homemade videos are seldom looking to pay premiums here. Instead, you will probably want free effects that do not have an expiration date on the right of use. Is this something that you can find? Absolutely.

Enter Online Libraries

If you need a free sound effect that you are not legally forbidden from using, you should refer to one of the many online libraries where non-copyrighted sound effects are published. The way that these venues work is based on voluntary donations or tips that the “buyer,” which is you, can give to the creator. Since it is not mandatory, however, you can simply download the sound and use it as you please. The mere fact that someone’s sound will become a part of your video gives them exposure. Some of the best examples of these types of platforms include the following:

  • ProSound Effects Online Library
  • Avo Sounds
  • Soundly
  • BOOM Library

Note that the majority of these websites have both paid and non-paid alternatives. If you want to avoid any charges, simply focus on the free options.

Even after you find a sound effect that appears to be free, spend a few minutes researching the creator. This will help you identify online thieves who take other people’s sounds and resell them online. Unfortunately, even though you download it through one of the aforementioned databases, you could be held liable for using it against existent copyright. Luckily, a quick search should be enough to identify whether someone is the actual creator of the effect or if they simply took it from another artist.

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