Are There Organizations that I Should Join When Wanting to Get into the Animation Field?

While being a member of an organization is not a mandatory requirement for those wanting to get into the animation field, it surely can’t hurt. Animation organizations offer many resources to novice and experienced animators as well as for those who are still considering animation as a career choice. As with any new career, the more information candidates have about the field, the more beneficial this will be to their careers. Animation organizations and associations also offer some very valuable meet and greet opportunities to animators and aspiring animators. Learn about some of the animation organizations and how they can help animators.

Why Animation Organizations are Important

Animation organizations offer many benefits to animators, especially those just starting their careers. Being successful as an animator requires being knowledgeable of new trends, designs, software programs, etc. However, just being knowledgeable of these things is often not enough. Animators must also be proficient with these tools to be competitive in the job market. Many of the animation organizations offer educational and training programs so animators can keep up with continuing education.

Not enough positive things can be said about networking, especially in the technological and digital world in which we live. Animation associations offer animators the ability to meet other animators and share ideas. These organizations are extremely valuable in keeping animators aware of what’s going on in the world of multimedia art and animation. Some of them also provide information on employment opportunities in this field.

Animation Organizations

Listed here are a few of the many animation organizations an aspiring animator might want to join according to Best of the Web .

  • The Animation Guild – This organization offers training programs, contact information, and access to the American Guild’s quarterly magazine. Once members pay their dues, they have access to a wide variety of valuable resources.
  • Cartoonist Northwest – This organization is for animators, cartoonists and illustrators. It allows members to meet monthly to collaborate, network and promote a sense of camaraderie among the community’s artists.
  • Cartoon FORUM – This organization benefits both amateur and professional cartoonists. In addition to offering information on forums, meetings and members, it also has a very helpful FAQ section and even offers competitions for animators.
  • Society for Animation Studies – This international organization holds a conference every year in different locations, making possible for members to attend. It provides information on the latest news in the world of animation.
  • Women in Animation – This organization is dedicated to advancing women in the field of animation. Some of its offerings include competitions, scholarships, mentorship programs and job boards.
  • Quickdraw Animation Society – This organization offers courses, training programs, camps, job postings and various resources for aspiring, amateur and experienced animators.
  • Toronto Animated Image Society – This artist-run organization offers a place where animators can come to research, explore and develop their skills in both experimental and traditional animation methods and techniques.

Which Animation Organizations Should an Animator Join?

Animation organizations are important to animators, whether they’ve been in the business for years or are just starting their careers. The best feature of animation organizations is the valuable information they provide on new animation trends and techniques. Animators with degrees may wonder why they need additional information if they’ve already earned the degree and have the job of their dreams.

The answer to this question is technology. A perfect example of this can be found in the shows we watch on television. Many of the best movies from the past are now coming back to us as “remakes”. The plot may be the same, but the audio and graphics are so much more advanced in the remakes. The reason for this is animation and how it’s evolved through the years.

Animators must keep up with new techniques, and animation organizations offer not just information on new trends and methods but also courses and classes so the animator can learn them. There is not one specific animation organization an animator should join. They are all beneficial, and one might offer something the other lacks. The more they join, the better informed they’ll be.

Becoming a multimedia artist and animator can be very exciting, challenging and lucrative, especially for the animator who keeps up with technology. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about 3,000 new a multimedia artist and animator jobs should be created between 2018 and 2028. Someone wanting to get into the animation field can benefit greatly from joining an animation organization.

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