Is the Field of Graphic Design Growing?

Creative individuals who enjoy drawing and putting their artistic abilities to work often wonder if the field of graphic design is growing. This is an interesting question but one that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. Graphic design is used in so many industries and by so many different types of artists and creative professionals. The growth of the graphic design field, as well as the rate at which it’s growing, has a lot to do with the career and the job. Learn more about the career outlook for graphic designers.

What Graphic Designers Do

Graphic designers create visual concepts either by hand or with computer software to communicate ideas, inform the public, captivate consumers and inspire clients. Their designs are used for brochures, reports, magazines and advertisements. They also create visual elements like images, illustration and logos; select and design images, colors and typefaces; and create images so sell ideas or products.

Once their designs are complete, they review and edit them using photo editing software, digital illustration and layout software. The work of graphic designers is used in all types of media, but it is most commonly found on websites. Whether it’s an online game or digital advertisement, the finished product was probably done by a graphic designer.

Career Outlook

The potential job growth for graphic designers varies by many things but mostly by the industry in which the graphic designer works according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Graphic designers will always be in demand in some form or another to help market products. Job growth for graphic designers overall is expected to grow 3 percent during the 2018-2028 decade, which is much slower than other occupations.

The highest growth rate should be found with graphic designers working in computer systems designs and similar services. These professionals should see a 24 percent job growth during the same decade. Graphic designers working for book, periodical, newspaper and directory publishers are expected to see a 22 percent decline in jobs. This is due mostly to the fact that more and more media is available online. The BLS also reports that there should be about 8,800 new graphic designer jobs created by 2028. The best opportunities typically come to graphic designers who keep up with the latest technology and software.

Work Environment Affects Growth

There is a significant growth potential for graphic designers in the future, whether they’re freelance graphic designers working part-time or full-time designers working for graphic design firms. The graphic design field is very good for candidates interested in working development, marketing, advertising and web design because as technology grows, so will these areas of graphic design. Other areas of graphic design that are in demand include application design, mobile design, and virtual and multimedia design.

Growth Potential for Graphic Design Jobs

This is the day and age of computers and the internet. The increasing use of digital media has hurt the industry for graphic designers working in areas like newspapers, magazines, books and publications. However, most of these areas can now be found online, so graphic designers will continue to be in demand. Self-employed graphic designers may have good employment opportunities because they can relocate.

Graphic design work is exciting, fun and very stimulating. With technology growing as it is, graphic design is a field that should offer not just good wages but also many jobs in many industries.

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