What are Some Other Careers that are Related to Art Directors?

People who have a passion for art but who are looking for some other careers related to that of an air director have come to the right place. The art and design industry offers a broad range of career options, and some of the most popular ones are discussed below. Each of these jobs is excellent for persons who are interested in art and design, pay quite well, and require varying degrees of interaction with art directors.


A fun career that is related to art director positions is that of an animator. Although some animators work independently, many work for such organizations as publishing companies, motion picture and video companies, software companies, and advertising agencies. These professionals are tasked with a broad range of duties that may include creating animated characters, integrating 3-D components into final products, creating prototypes for new products, collaborating with other members of the animation team, and brainstorming for new ideas.

Professional Photographers

Other careers that are related to art director jobs are professional photographers. Professional photographers can work independently or can work for a wide range of employers including retail businesses, manufacturers, advertising agencies, wedding and event companies, and photography studios. Their responsibilities may vary depending on their employer, but some common tasks they may undertake include taking photographs, maintaining photography equipment, ensuring proper lighting for indoor photographs, taking stills for motion pictures, and editing photographs to suit employers’ or clients’ specifications.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designer careers are also related to art directors. The main job of a graphic designer is to create visual art and designs either by hand or using computer software programs. Their work is needed by many different organizations for such purposes as branding, marketing, promotions, and advertising. The work they create will vary depending on the needs of their employers but may include logos, graphic designs, images, or animation. These positions paid an average yearly salary of just over $50,000 during 2018 according to the United States Department of Labor .

Fashion Designers

Other careers that are related to that of an art director involve fashion design. These positions are ideal for people who have an eye for fashion. To be successful in this career, fashion designers must keep a close eye on current fashion trends so that they can create designs that will be popular among their intended audience. A common day for fashion designers may involve researching current trends in fashion, sketching designs, selecting appropriate materials for designs, and using technology to ensure proper fit. Although some fashion designers can work independently, most can be found working for manufacturers and wholesale companies.

Multimedia Artists

Also related to art director careers are jobs as multimedia artists. Multimedia artists are employed by a wide array of employers including advertising agencies, large retailers, manufacturers, government agencies, and non-profits. Their main job is to create various special effects and designs for multiple platforms online. Persons who choose these positions must stay updated with current technologies to create effective products for their employers or clients. Final products may be used for such things as advertisements, video games, scenes in films, website designs, and presentations.

Website Designers

Another career that is related to art directors involves website design. Website designers typically work independently but may be employed by a variety of businesses to create effective websites. They must make sure that websites are not only appealing to the eye but user-friendly as well. Common tasks of these professionals include designing and integrating navigational elements into websites, integrating graphics into web pages, ensuring proper layout of web pages, using HTML coding for proper layout and design, and updating websites when necessary.

The art and design industry offers many terrific job opportunities for creative individuals. For those persons who are looking for some other careers that are related to that of an air director, the positions described above may be just what they are looking for.

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