What Blogs by People in the Animation Industry are Recommended for Animators?

After you spend some time in the field of animation, you are most likely going to see your passion skyrocket. This is especially true for those who have not been working as creators for awhile and yearn for a chance to prove themselves. In these cases, there is a good chance that you have already started incorporating various areas of animation into your daily lifestyle. For instance, casually watching a movie that has some form of three-dimensional editing without critically assessing it will become impossible. Similarly, you will soon find yourself doing online research and watching tutorials that can help take your skills to the next level.

Due to this, it is just a matter of time before you turn to one of the most famous forms of expression across – blogs. Although they have not been around for as long as the field of animation itself, there is no shortage of offers when it comes to the reading material. Merely searching for the keyword “animation” online, per se, will lead to countless blog options. Unfortunately, as you may know, animators and media artists tend to have a very fast-paced schedule that does not provide a ton of downtime. Thus, the time that you get to use to read posts or articles tends to be quite limited, which means that you must pick what blog you go with carefully. So, what are some of the best animation-based blogs that are created or edited by experienced artists?


3DTotal is one of the most popular platforms in modern animating. While it is quite versatile and offers a slew of options, it was originally based on a blog where creators would help each other. Now, however, it is almost a social media network where artists get to publish their work in the form of tutorials. In other words, the number of things that you could learn here is incredible. Besides, the staff of the company, which are experienced creators as well, have monthly contests that the members can apply for. Doing so puts them in a race to win a plethora of rewards, which include anything from a mystery gift to an anatomy figure of their choice. Finally, 3DTotal also offers a solid catalog of written and online books that can help you learn some complex strategies of 2D, 3D, and traditional art.

Animation Magazine

Unlike the aforementioned option, Animation Magazine is a lot more similar to an old-fashioned blog, but it is built on the concept of a magazine-like media. In reality, however, classifying it as a blog would not be far-reaching due to the number of guest posts from expert animators. Nonetheless, you can also use this platform to get informed on the latest events that are taking place within both global and local markets. Animation Magazine further offers a concise list of all the upcoming and recently released projects that its subscribers might be interested in.

Stash Media

Stash Media, which is commonly referred to as “Stash,” is easily one of the most innovative competitors in this industry. Even a glance at their website is enough to capture the level of detail, credibility, care, and effort that was invested during the design and optimization stages. The blog entries are usually reviews of other projects that can help the readers determine if they want to watch those movies or cartoons themselves.

Traditional Animation

Traditional American is a rich forum, website, blog, and resource for anyone passionate about their job. It offers a lot of invaluable tools, the likes of which include quizzes, forums, interviews, and highly qualified teams. Moreover, one of the things that have made Traditional Animation so popular is the fact that the readers can submit their story suggestions. That way, they can retain a lot closer connection with them as the transparency remains unparalleled and the feedback loop never ends.

Cartoon Brew

Albeit mostly focused on 2D software and projects, which is normal given that the projects are based on cartoons, there is no lack of interesting topics covered on Cartoon Brew. As per the name, cartoons are the most important idea here, and those who join can learn the ins and outs of designing believable characters and facilitating an interesting plot. There are also quite a few interviews with some influential animators that worked on extremely challenging projects.

If none of these options work for you, consider researching a bit more and filtering your inquiry for every single factor that satisfies your needs. Additionally, think about tuning in for some animation-based podcast that many experienced professionals offer. Ultimately, nearly any program that has experienced individuals and talented creators will suffice.

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