What Kind of Company Does a Background Painter Work For Many aspiring background painters wonder what kind of company can they work for. These creative professionals are tasked with creating the backgrounds necessary for films, animation, and other creative works. This typically involves using specialized computer software and requires skill in creating both 2D and 3D backgrounds. There is a broad range of companies that need these types of services, and some of the more popular ones are described below.

Film and Video Production Companies

Some of the most popular companies that a background painter may choose to work for film and video production companies. Film and video production companies create entertaining movies and videos for a wide array of audiences. They are responsible for employing a large variety of persons including directors, actors, sound teams, visual experts, marketing teams, and various creative professionals. Background painters are part of the creative team, and their job is to create appealing backgrounds for each shoot of the film or video.

Animation Studios

Other companies that require the services of a skilled background painter are animation studios. Animation studios create animated media for use in such things as cartoons, animated movies and videos, commercials, and educational films. Background painters create unique backgrounds for each of these types of productions. According to information provided by the website known as Glassdoor , the average salary for background artists in 2017 was just over $79,000.

Video Game Companies

With video games being so popular today, background painters may also want to consider working for video game companies. Video games companies create video games that can be used on video game consoles, computers, and cell phones. They employ many different skilled professionals who interact together to create final products. In addition to game developers, graphic artists, designers, programmers, and software developers, background painters are needed by video game companies as well.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies typically require the services of a qualified background painter too. Advertising agencies design and create appealing advertisements for all types of organizations. Their work may involve creating advertisements for such platforms as the Internet, magazines, newspapers, billboards, or various other platforms. Advertising agencies employ a broad range of creative individuals including art directors, graphic designers, graphic artists, illustrators, image manipulators, and background painters.

Website Design Companies

Website design companies also employ background painters. These companies design functional and appealing websites for many different types of organizations including, government agencies, non-profits, educational facilities, retail businesses, hospitals, and many other types of organizations. Depending on the particular design of various web pages on a website, a creative background may be necessary.

Fashion Design Companies

Fashion design companies are yet some other types of companies that often need the services of a background painter. Eye-appealing backgrounds are needed for such things as catalogs, backdrops for fashion shows, and backdrops for fashion shoots. Background painters who choose to work for these types of companies typically use a combination of manual artistic skills and computer software to create their final works.

Graphic Design Companies

Graphic design companies create art and designs for many different purposes depending on their customers’ needs. They may create designs or art for brochures, pamphlets, booklets, advertisements, or sales circulars. Their work may involve off-line or online creation or a combination of the two. They often utilize the services of background painters to provide the backgrounds for their work.

Background painting provides attractive and appealing backgrounds to a wide array of creative media. There are many different types of companies that require the services of a background painter, and the companies described above are among the most popular today.

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