Where are the Best Parts of the Country to Find Jobs in the Field of Graphic Design?

Candidates just starting their careers as graphic designers often wonder where the best parts of the country are to find jobs in the field of graphic design. Graphic design is fun and a very fulfilling field that allows individuals to put their artistic abilities to work making graphic designs to get a point across or sell a product. Graphic designers are used in many industries and for many purposes. Finding interesting graphic design jobs that pay well is usually the most important thing for graphic designers fresh out of college or for those looking for a change. Here is some information on the parts of the country where the best opportunities can be found for graphic designers.

What Determines the Best Area for Graphic Designers?

When looking for the part of the country that offers the best opportunities for graphic designers, it’s important to determine what’s most important to the individual. While some might look for higher pay, others may want to work for a large company. Additionally, another graphic designer might want to live where the cost of living is lower even if it means lower wages.

Zippia, a company that helps match employees with dream jobs throughout the country, rates states as the best to worst for a certain occupation. Through a collaboration with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , they rate states that offer the best opportunities. They used the following information to determine where the best parts of the country are to find jobs in the field of graphic design:

  • Job availability
  • Higher pay
  • Location quota (how many graphic designers in one state as compared to the total number in the United States
  • Median salary (the higher the better)
  • Cost of living (the lower the better)

Best States for Graphic Designers

After doing their research and using their criteria, Zippia was able to rank the 50 states and determine which states are the best for graphic designers as of 2019. Here are the ten best states for graphic designers in terms of the amount of graphic designer jobs and the average annual wage:

  • Massachusetts – 264 graphic design jobs – $52,175
  • Washington – 268 graphic design jobs – $52,234
  • Oregon – 134 graphic design jobs – $50,225
  • Michigan – 186 graphic design jobs – $47,512
  • North Carolina – 227 graphic design jobs – $47,483
  • Virginia – 361 graphic design jobs – $47,824
  • New York – 965 graphic design jobs – $46,637
  • California – 1,511 graphic design jobs – $46.855
  • Pennsylvania – 248 graphic design jobs – $45,458
  • Nevada – 40 graphic design jobs – $46,308

Best Wages for Graphic Designers

Information on wages for certain occupations can vary by the reporting agency. Here are the five states where graphic designers earn the highest wages. Also included is the number of graphic designers employed in that state and the annual mean wage as of a May 2018 report by the BLS.

  • District of Columbia – 1690 employed graphic designers – $71,180
  • New York – 31,350 employed graphic designers – $64,840
  • Massachusetts – 5,680 employed graphic designers – $64,010
  • California – 29,320 employed graphic designers – $61,100
  • Connecticut – 2,300 employed graphic designers – $60,700

What a Career as a Graphic Designer Entails

Graphic designers create visual concepts to sell products or attract customers. They use various types of computer software and do some designs or logos by hand. Graphic designers work for many industries. While some work for a company, more than 30% of them self-employed according to Princeton Review . Those who are self-employed may work evenings and weekends. Graphic designers have the potential to earn excellent wages.

More than 25,000 graphic designers join the field each year, and of this amount, only about 60 percent stick with it for more than two years. Those who have put in at least ten years as graphic designers generally have the best and most lucrative career opportunities. They also have various opportunities to relocate for even better wages.

Graphic design is a field that has a lot of potential career growth, especially for those working in the area of computer systems designs according to the bureau. With the right research and an interest in relocating, graphic designers can do the work they love in the best possible employment environment.

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