The Hidden Benefits of Part Time Work

97% of new jobs created in 2012 were part time. With the growth of freelancers and those working from home, this number will only get larger.

What would you do with 10+ extra hours a week?

  • Rest for a day
  • Spend two hours every afternoon with the kids
  • Start a new hobby
  • Go back to school
  • Add value
  • Whatever you want!

Part time work is <30 hours a week according to the Affordable Care Act.

But part time doesn’t mean you can’t support yourself.

High paying part-time gigs:

  1. Attorney: $147.40/hr
  2. Clinical Psychologist: $125.30/hr
  3. Senior copywriter:$85/hr
  4. IT security consultant: $81.80/hr
  5. Management Consultant: $75/hr
  6. Senior Software Engineer: $75/hr
  7. HR consultant: $72.20/hr
  8. Life Coach: $70/hr
  9. IT consultant: $69/hr
  10. Certified Financial Planner: $61.40/hr
  11. Speech language pathologist:$60.80/hr
  12. Senior Graphic Design: $60.00/hr
  13. Physical Therapist:$59.20/hr
  14. PR consultant: $58.90/hr
  15. Interior Designer: $57.70/hr
  16. Education/Training consultant: $56.30/hr
  17. Real Estate Agent: $55/hr
  18. Licensed Massage therapist: $49.60/hr
  19. Private Investigator: $49.60/hr
  20. Marketing Consultant: $49.10/hr

And you aren’t alone. Many people don’t want to work full time.

[%’s who would forego full time work if possible.]

Mothers: 67%

Unmarried Mothers: 51%

Married Fathers: 28%

Ya, maybe we should all just embrace the rise of PT.

Remember before you had to work? Your life had meaning then, right?

The benefits of part time work

Flexibility:  Maybe you’re a routine person. Maybe you’re not. People achieve in different ways.

Transition:  Part time work can lead to full time work. Or full time something else. Again, flexibility.

Balance: It’s hard to achieve when you’re fried. And remember those friends, kids, partner, you had?

Thoughtfulness:  Humans need time to recharge. Mindless earning and spending is easy to get into. We spend to our capacity, remember?

Quality Jobs: Skilled workers can still get insurance at 25 hours a week. And you’re a lot likelier to get your dream job PT than FT.

It’s Natural:  Early foraging and horticulture based peoples only worked 6.5 average hours per day. And they survived  in prehistory .

But What if you didn’t intend to work part-time?

Experience:  Part time work often leads to full time work. PT lets you learn the field without as much of a time investment.

Foot in the door:  Make valuable connections with your part time position.

Age of the contractor:  We live in the age of the contractor. Embrace the challenge, learn new skills, save for time in between jobs.

Unemployment: You can still get partial unemployment checks and work part time.

View part time work as a tool, not a penalty. Part time work helps you live your life!




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