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Rooster 1 AB.jpg This user thinks Commons has enough of these .
VectorBitmapExample.svg This user cannot vectorize images
Blurry eiffel.jpg This user thinks the Eiffel Tower lighting copyright claim is a load of merde.
My first upload, an Esperanto version of the Uncle Wikipe-tan meme
Nupedia-tan, one of my two first artworks for Wikimedia Commons
The legendary Quazer Beast, my other first uploaded artwork
”Slovenly appearance, depravity, and vulgarity always welcome here”. Welcome to Commons! (This is a joke please be polite, hygienic and un-depraved)
A beginner’s guide to what not to upload
In 2021, “dick pics” and the like made up the majority of images blacklisted on English Wikipedia for vandalism.
What’s wrong with this picture?
If you can think of additional categories for this curious image of a “pink blob thing” please do add them!
The most WTF-est file on commons
Example of what I call the “ EAT PANT copyright loophole”— if it’s so crude as to be barely recognizable it doesn’t count as a copyvio. (THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE)
Another copyright loophole— you can’t copyright raccoons so saying this is Rocket Raccoon isn’t a copyright violation.
Prelude in B minor (J. S. Bach, arranged Siloti)
How many political philosophies are going on at once here?
Another one of those “when you see it” pics
Me every morning during breakfast
Photobombing Larry Sanger !
I love how someone did this painstakingly accurate reconstruction of a Bambiraptor and then said “screw it” and threw in a couple of dorky-looking cartoon wallaby-rat things
This is probably inaccurate. But you’ll always have a trunk in my heart
“Reclaiming” the rainbow from gay people by looking incredibly fabulously gay
From description: “You *may* encounter nude sunbathers? Sheesh, the sign might as well say "You may also encounter sand and ocean." But you won't encounter dogs, that's for sure.”
That looks somewhat unsafe…
Rare photo of the elusive wild porno
Adorable but cursed
Photobombing boozy Snorlax!
Jesus looks a bit… odd
“Jenny Marx (standing) Karl Marx (seated)”, in case you couldn’t tell which one was which

witty heading [ edit ]

Cephalopod fan.

I draw and edit stuff with Procreate, so if you need an image drawn or edited just ask.

My number one piece of advice to new users: if you’re going to contribute to commons, please contribute something other than a dick pic [1] or a blatant copyright violation .

My other number one piece of advice: don’t randomly nominate any picture with boobs in it as “obscene” or “out of scope”. Boobs (and other instances of sex/nudity) are in scope and inherently not obscene (by American legal standards) if they’re useful for educational purposes (as all files on commons should be). And in any case if you’re offended or distressed by plain old nudity and sexuality on a site that hosts explicit historical drawings of child sex abuse and graphic photos of war atrocities then maybe you shouldn’t be here.

There needs to be a rule that if you’re a redlinked user who adds random numbers as categories your copyright claim is automatically suspect.

I reserve the right to summarily revert incoherent complaints and insulting comments directed towards me.

languages [ edit ]

Advanced native understanding:

  • English

Very basic understanding:

  • Esperanto

A few phrases:

  • Spanish
  • Latin

A handful of words:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

A couple words at most (in native script):

  • Russian
  • Japanese (mostly Katakana and Hiragana)
  • Arabic

Basic understanding of the script only:

  • General Cyrillic
  • Greek

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random images I find interesting or amusing [ edit ]

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  1. I don’t mind a well-shot dick pic, but WP already has plenty so you’ve no obligation to contribute unless you’re certain it’s something truly novel. My main problem is disgusting low-quality shots uploaded for exhibitionistic purposes